Shock Wave


Shock Wave consists of 51 singers in grades 9-12 and 12 band members. They represent Elkhorn South High School with positivity and poise. Notably, the group has earned Grand Championships in their division, best female  soloist, and a trip to finals. Shock Wave members don’t just stick to  sequins. They are also all-stars in ESHS athletics, activities, and are active in the Elkhorn community. Inspired by their competition show, Shock Wave members would like you to “see the hope in their hearts.”

Performance Time: 11:15am

Division: Women

Singers: 51

Band: 12
Elkhorn South High School
City: Elkhorn, NE


Shock Wave Presents Scrooge

Song List

Money/Paint it Black

Follow Me

More Time

Deer Song



Broken Arrows


Director: Molly Gonring

Choreographer: Stephani Hyatt

Singers & Dancers

Elizabeth Austin

Anna Bazata

Halle Breed

Nila Chandramouli

Summer Christiansen

Daisy Clover

Anabella DeMars

Alexis Downs

Ashlee Eppenbaugh

Tessa Fiore

Morgan Foote

Maya Foral

Sidney Gartner

Sydney Godkin

Camryn Gove

Madison Govig

Claire Gruidl

Katelyn Jensen

Ellen Jesina

Kennedy Kalvoda

Lindsey Kenkel

Ruby Kirk

Quinn Knispel

Ella Kraudy

Katie Lytle

Shannon McKay

Gabi Milone

Olivia Pereira

Ella Pesek

Ella Probasco

Carly Rabe

Brooke Reinecke

Ellie Ringler

Ava Rosenfels


Lanie Rubin

Chaeli Rule

Avery Sadler

Thailia Schroeder

Molly Shaver

Isabella Showalter

Elle Stewart

Anna Stieren

Julia Stull

Quinn Tewes

Megan Thiebauth

Caroline Thompson

Elizabeth Watzke

Olivia Weeder

Brynn Wilczewski

Lauren Wright

Charlize Ziegler   

Show Band

Ethan Hermreck

Cason Hoeke

Grace Maciorowski

Maynard Larweh

Amanda Courtney

Joey Auch Moedy

Cason Hoeke

Kaitlin Zinnel

Zach Venn

Alex Venn

Josh Venn