2020 Emcee



AJ Waters is a Gretna show choir dad and avid musical arts enthusiast.  After a championship high school career with Grand Island’s Ultimate  Image, AJ went on to enjoy collegiate competition at Doane. Since  retiring from the spotlight, you will likely find him keeping his pipes  fresh cheering at Husker sporting events, or yelling at video games with  this kids. Often accused of over excessive use of the microphone in  rehearsals, he is excited to put his talents back to good use here at  Prime Time. AJ is a husband and father of four, and in his spare time  enjoys riveting conversations with customers looking to solve business  problems with software.

Judges Panel


Kyle Avery


Image of Nancy Bocek

Nancy Bocek

Based in the Chicago metropolitan area, Nancy Bocek enjoys a national reputation as a choreographer, clinician and adjudicator for show choirs from the middle school through college levels. She is a proud graduate of the University of Illinois and holds a BS in Education.

Ms. Bocek has had the opportunity to choreograph for over 90 show choirs throughout the country, and serve as a judge or clinician at numerous festivals and competitions from Massachusetts to California. She has been on the staff of Show Choir Camps of America for over 30 years, as well as serving as a choreographer for the Rising Stars Show Choir Workshops and several others. In addition to her work with show choirs, Ms. Bocek has choreographed over 120 high school and community musical theater productions. Ms. Bocek has been the recipient of numerous awards for her choreography throughout the United States. She is both humbled and honored to have shared her love of dance with over 10,000 students during her career.


Tom Gerking

Critique and Finals

Image of Dennis Gilbar, photo credit ECV Gillette College

Dennis Gilbar

Scoring Day Sessions and Finals


Luke Lovegood

Scoring Day Sessions and Finals


Adam Lambert

Scoring Day Sessions and Finals