Jefferson Edition


Jefferson Edition is  Thomas Jefferson’s premier show choir. It is an open audition for 9-12 grade students currently enrolled in curricular concert choir. Students enrolled in this class learn about advanced levels of vocalization, stage presence, theatrical dance, and sportsmanship.  Jefferson Edition is proud to present our show “Rebel Rock”. Our show takes you from the declaration of inheriting a world of troubles in the song “We didn’t Start the Fire” Ending with our “Ok Boomer” Song making our statement of change.  “We’re not gonna take it”  We hope you enjoy our high energy performance.  Rebel Rock!!

Performance Time: 2:15pm

Division: Open

Director: Travis Walker

Singers: 60

School: Thomas Jefferson High School

City: Council Bluffs, IA


Rebel Rock!

Song List

We Didn't Start the Fire  Billy Joel/Arranged by Dean Menten

Imagine  John Lennon/ Arranged by Jay Althouse

So What/ The Anthem  Arranged by Dean Menten

American Idiot  Arranged by Dean Menten

We're Not Gonna Take It  Arranged by Dean Menten


Director: Travis Walker

Choreographers: Samantha Fry and Micheala Patterson

Singers & Dancers

     Andersen,   Katie   

Arthur, Alysa   

Baker, Kaylee   

Brooks, Chloe   

Clark, Gracie   

Clark, Natalie   

Cornelison, Joseph   

Cruz, Estrella   

Franks, Skylar   

Galan, Daniel  

Hannam,   Ethan     


Hedges, Joshua   

Hegarty, Joshua   

Henry, Ashley   

Hernandez, Lily   

Ives, Madisen   

Jobe, Gabrielle   

King, Larisa   

Lemus, Nehirin   

Lusk, Coyer   

Markuson, Kaya   

Moreno, Jacquelyn    

     Myers,   Kandice   

Nelson, Emma   

Opal, Alexis   

Ortiz Escalante, Jordi   

Pauley, Jaxson   

Raquel, Angela   

Rice, Jeanette   

Ruff, Karagin   

Shields Olsen, Emma   

Simmons, Jayden   

Sudario, Brandy    

Show Band

     Dani   Avalos - Alto Sax   

Ethan Bose - Drums   

Alyssa Denman - Tenor Sax   

Eli Dross - Trombone   

Alex Garcia - Trumpet   

Ryan Hogueison - Trumpet   

Jacob Murphy - Bass   

Olivia Poole - Bari Sax   

Thomas Poole - Trumpet   

Rachel Ward - Tenor Sax     


Hedges,   Jessica   

Sharp, Riley   

Parker, Byron