$12 for Adults

$10 for Senior Citizens and children under 12

This price includes admission into both the day and night rounds. You will receive one wristband for each paid admission.


Wristbands are required for admittance into the auditorium. Please purchase your wristbands at the main entrance.

Reserved Seating During Performances

During the daytime competition there will be reserved seating in the first rows of the auditorium for fans of the group performing on stage at the given time. When your group has completed their performance, please move to extend the same courtesy to other supporters from other groups. 


Our ushers are here for you! If you have trouble finding seating for a performance, please let an usher know and they will assist you in finding a seat.


The cafeteria has a full menu of items for sale during the day and evening. We ask that no outside food or drink be brought into the building. No Food or Drink is allowed in our Auditorium.

Cell Phone Usage

For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, please silence and refrain from the use of  your phone while shows are in progress. 

Flash Photography & Videography

Flash photography is not permitted in our auditorium. We have a professional photographer who will provide high quality photos our your children.

Additional Auditorium Etiquette

  1. Doors will be open between shows, admittance and exiting is not permitted while shows are in progress, except in case of emergency.
  2. Once a show begins we ask that guests remain in their seats during performances. 
  3. During non peak times, please stay and enjoy the shows in your session. There is amazing talent at PRIMETIME!
  4. Reserved seating is in effect during peak times to accommodate paid guests. If you  need help, ask an usher.
  5. No seating in the aisles, it is prohibited by Nebraska State Law.

Professional Photography

Enjoy the show and let our photographer take the pics for you. Gene Knudsen Photography will capture great professional pictures of your children in action. Images are available for sale about a week after the show. Please save this link for easy access to order your pics! 

First Aid

We have staff available throughout the day to assist with injuries and other medical needs. The first aid station is located in the main office.

Schedule Delays

We make every effort to stay on schedule, but Show Choir happens! Travel, weather and moving large stage sets can affect the schedule.  Please be patient if we get behind. Be sure to visit our homepage for up to date show schedule information.

Backstage/Homeroom Access

Backstage and homeroom access is reserved for directors, crew, band and  Show Choir members, room hosts, and Primetime volunteers. This guideline  ensures the safety of school acts in attendance. Guests who do not have  the proper credentials are not permitted beyond the auditorium, or  public commons and restrooms. We understand that emergencies may arise  that would deem it necessary to see a member of a Show Choir production.  Please see a PRIMETIME volunteer if you need to see a Show Choir member  beyond permitted areas. Our volunteers will assist you in locating your  Show Choir member.


Need More Help?

Parent volunteers wearing green PRIMETIME shirts are located throughout the building for your convenience. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you have any questions.