Eagle Express


Eagle Express consists of 54 students from grades 9-12, 14 instrumentalists and 2 crew members. Members are not only extremely busy musicians but also involved in drama, debate, athletics, Student Senate, oral interp, and various clubs. Eagle Express would like to thank their parents and the Aberdeen community for their constant support. Eagle Express is under the direction of Susan Appl and Melledy Rostad. The band is directed by Melledy Rostad and Jenna Hansen. Choreographer is Kevin Chase.


Performance Time: 3:05pm

Division: Open

Singers: 55

Band: 13

School: Aberdeen Central High School

City: Abereen, SD


Eagle Express Presents Space

Song List

Skyfall/Final Countdown (Soloist: Ally Radke-Keisz)  

Fly With Me Medley (Soloists: Hannah Gasperich and Rawley Moore) 

Gravity/Stargazing (Soloist: Tatum Waldrop) 

Here to Mars/Space Cowboy (Hannah Gasperich and Rawley Moore) 

Major Tom/Turbulence



Directors: Susan Appl and Melledy Rostad

Band Directors: Melledy Rostad and Jenna Hansen

Choreographer: Kevin Chase

Crew:  Erica Schultz and Bailey Kallenberger


Singers and Dancers


AnnMarie Allen

Jennifer Appl

Kiana Asleson

Olivia Barnes

Sebastian Branch

Bronx Briscoe

Carly Comstock

Drew Comstock

Taye Cundiff

Shaine Dinger

Zoe Douglas

Karsen Eckhoff

Taryn Emery

Erik Fastenau

Hannah Gasperich

Collin Getty

Zach Gonsor

Kim Gray


Colby Hanson

Shawn Hepola

Jayda Hunstad

Eric Jacobsen

Jack Kastengren

Emerson Keeley

Emily Kelley

Hannah Kelley

AJ Kolb

Alexis Martin

Trinity Miller

Peyton Moench

Anna Moore 

Rawley Moore

Helen Murray

Tinley Nilson

Julia Orr

Hope Patton


Sam Pharris

Sophia Powell

Ally Radke-Kiesz

Andrea Rivera-Martinez

Vianca Rivera

Tabor Schabot

Meara Sharisky

Kiya Stillman

Katelin Stoebner

Reese Tobin

Jacob Usselman

Jay Vega

Madi Vetter

Alice Vogel

Tatum Waldrop

Aidan Walker

Skylinn Willams

Reece Yurkovich

Directors : Melledy Rostad & Jenna Hansen

Show Band


Synthesizer: Chris Jacobson   

Bass Guitar: Eli Fischer

Percussion: Josh Hellwig, William Ottenbacher 

Alto Saxophone: Sarren Godfrey 

Tenor Saxophone: Madison Holmes

Trombone: Travis Sharp, Gabe Olson, Brayden Rehder  

Bari Saxophone:Sam Schauer

Trumpet: Donavon Guhin, Greta Beyers, Gavin Scherbenske