Bridge Street Singers


Bridge Street Singers is the varsity show choir from St. Francis High School in St. Francis, MN. The group meets two evenings a week and is made of highly motivated and talented young individuals. This year they will compete in competitions at Colby, Gretna, Troy, Hastings, North St. Paul, and Mitchell Show Choir Competitions. 

The past year has challenged our group with some heavy and heartbreaking situations. Through these moments, however, we have learned to lift each other up and support each other in new ways. We have become a stronger family. This year’s set is dedicated to our members who now walk with us in a different way. “Softly tread the sand below your feet now, two worlds, one family.”


Performance Time: 4:05pm

Division: Open

Director: Josiah Telschow

Singers: 75

School: St. Francis High School

City: St. Francis, MN


Family/ Supporting One another

Song List

Two Worlds 

Soloists: Joseph Jacobson, April Erlandson 

Something I Need 

The Journey 

Soloist: Callie Pendergrass 

Two of a Kind 

Soloist: Jack Cherney, Linden Lees 

Your Love Can Lift Me High and Higher 

Soloist: Ellie Tibodeau-Lissick 

Set Theme: “Family” 


Director: Josiah Telschow 

Assistant Director: Jill Kobilka & Nichole Hanson 

Choreographer: Nick Quamme 

Band Director: Melissa Harms 

Music Arranged By: Josiah Telschow & Garrett Breeze 

Singers and Dancers


  Avery Benson 

April Erlandson 

Abbie Fenlason 

Joslyn Jacobson 

Lexi Johnson 

Linden Lees 

Ashley Meier 

Kaitlyn Norman 

Kaylee Olson 

JoDee Pack 

Callie Pendergrass 

Noe Stanaway 

Lexis Stancer 


  Amelia Begin 

Kylee Block 

Aubrey Burns 

Ava Dupont 

Mia Goebel 

Tess Humphrey 

Hailie Provost 

Hannah Maxwell 

Lexi Neumann 

Shelby Niemi 

Tehya Stringer 

Delia Stoeckel 

Olivia Taff 

Ellie Tibodeau-Lissick  


Trayton Charfauros 

Jack Cherney 

Evan Dahl 

Jake Ferguson 

Ben Grebowski 

Kyle Halstensen 

JP Krage 

Tristan Krug 

Ryan Linson 

Simon Luckow 

Jacob Nielson  


DaQuan Carlson 

Trevor Cich 

Chase Davis 

Joey Dropps 

Tyler Edwards 

Joe Jacobson 

Michael John 

Lain Kortemeier 

Ryan Loons 

Davin Luckow 

Dillon Nagel 

Lyle Pundt 

Jacob Renfro 

Jacob Tatley 

Show Band


Anthony Esboldt 

Wyatt Rivers 

Kella Van Haaften 

Nick McClure 

Alto Sax 

Kendra Schoen 


Madelyn Deering 

Holly Kringer 

Bari Sax 

Natalie Netteburg 


Chloe Wutala 

Will Rowe 

Aaron Stadel 


Anna De Roy 

Reese Grise 

Abby Wright 

Madeline Knobe 


Lily Donner 



Ellie Treiber 


Colby Boettcher 

Lily Eastman 

Bass Guitar 

Sam Bowman 

Drum Set 

Mason Shields 

Auxillary Percussion 

Isaac Vincent 

Stage crew

Natalie Campbell, Karilee Cloutier, Elizabeth Croston, Jocelynn Haase, McKayla Harris, 

Gabby Hoefs, Christine Hollenbeck, Erin Johnson, Jordan Knight, Joy Lachner, Georgia 

Langevin, Taylor Larson, Elizabeth Lind, Emma Munoz, Kari Plumley, Lola Roith, Livvy 

Rosengrenn, Jeanna Semler, Amanda Smith, Bree Stanaway, Carson Stadel, Brandon Stadel, Thomas Taylor